•  You’re getting ready to hit PUBLISH on your snazzy new website, but you’re scanning the words you’ve written and you’re feeling unsure.

  • You’re about to launch your new sales page but something feels “off.”

  • Your existing site seems to be missing the mark and you can’t quite figure out why.

Hold the press, You already know I’m talking about you and you’re ready for an expert pair of eyes to look things over.

  • I’ll spend 30 minutes reviewing your website on a recorded Zoom call, where I’ll walk you through what changes I’d recommend making and why.

  • Next, you’ll receive a personalized checklist of each recommended change so you can get to work right away. Or, we can take our relationship to the next level, and you can hire me to make the changes for you.

This is Great if You…

  • Need an outsider's perspective to help you finally finish your website.

  • Are pretty sure your DIY website copy is stunting the growth of your business.

  • Have no idea how to articulate your message into easily digestible copy for your audience.

Your Investment: $97

How it Works…

  • First, I’ll spend time reviewing your website.

  • Next, I’ll record myself via Zoom, doing a screen share so you can follow along as I talk about the changes I’d make to your website.

  • Once I’m done, I’ll email you the video along with a personalized task-list.

  • You’ll then have the opportunity to send me one email with followup questions.

  • After that, you can take the list and make all the changes yourself, or you can hire to me make the changes for you.

It’s as simple as that.