Precision Branding - 90 Minute Branding Intensive

Writing is hard, am I right?

You look around at other people who seem to have all the right words at all the right times, their businesses are succeeding, their audience adores them. And here you are, still staring at that blinking cursor, wondering where you’ve gone wrong in life.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But you are wondering how to use copywriting and story telling to reach your audience.

Speaking of which… Have you gotten clear on who your audience is?

If you don’t know exactly who you’re serving and what they need, reaching your audience is going to feel about as easy as carrying 25 shopping bags up a muddy hill, in the rain, while wearing stilettos.

Because writing is hard and your audience is vague, your blogs, emails, social media content and website copy are starting to collect dust at the bottom of your to do list.

“Oh, I’ll get to that tomorrow for sure…”

Except, you’ve been saying that for weeks, nay -- months, and it’s still not any closer to being done.

And, if your audience has succeeded against all odds at finding you, they’re starting to forget about you because you’ve let this mountain of writing pile up around you like an episode of hoarders, pre-KonMari’ing.

But, what if all of this was easy?

Like, laying on the beach sipping mojitos easy?

What if solidifying your messaging and marketing, and converting followers into paying clients could be stress free?

In this intensive 90 minute session we will:

  • Gain clarity around your clients emotional pain points.

  • Solidify your mission.

  • Break down exactly what you’re offering, its value and how it will benefit your ideal client.

  • Clarify your 30-second elevator pitch for both you and your employees.

  • And after it’s all over, I’ll send you a personalized document covering everything we talked about during your session so you can share it with your team.

Who is this good for?

  • Coaches - One of the most challenging parts of choosing to become a coach of any variety, is narrowing down exactly who you want to serve and how you’re going to serve them.

  • Freelancers and solopreneurs, I see you! I am you! It can feel like a huge obstacle to figure out how to stand out from the crowd as more and more people journey into freelancing.

  • New Companies who are just starting out and still feel like their message and purpose is vague.

  • New Product launches - New products mean new opportunities to serve your clients, new and old.

Investment: $397 and 90 minutes of your time.

In 90 minutes we can create the framework for your content and help catapult your business toward success by finally helping you connect with the people who are ready and waiting to buy your products.