Instagram is a BEAST. Am I right?

The idea of keeping up with posting regularly seems exhausting and you’re feeling totally clueless about what you’d even be posting about anyway.

“… And ‘Stories,’ What the heck are those about?!”

So, your Instagram presence is sporadic at best and even then, you’re unsure whether or not you’re successfully reaching the people you want to be reaching.

But, this can all be a lot easier if you go in armed with some content strategy and a game plan.

Social media changes rapidly. What works vs. doesn't is always shifting, even in subtle ways. So, rather than trying to keep up with it yourself, why not stick to what you know, and leave Instagram to the experts?

Let’s work together to get a strategy in place and start mapping out your content.

Who is this for?

  • The IG novice who has ZERO idea where to start.

  • The freelancer or Solopreneur who are looking for a fresh start.

  • Coaches of all varieties

  • eCommerce folks with new products

What’s the investment?

Instagram 101 - 90 minute Jam Session: $97

  • We’ll hop on a Zoom call where I’ll share my screen with you and we’ll go over your existing Instagram page with a fine tooth comb and talk about exactly what needs to be adjusted.

  • Then, we’ll talk about your mission, your dream clients and talk strategy about how to reach them

  • Next, we’ll talk about how to utilize and repurpose content so you always have something to talk about.

  • Then we’ll go over the ins and outs of hashtags and how to use them appropriately.

  • Finally, we’ll talk about how to batch and schedule content to make your life easier.

  • Once it’s all over, I’ll send you the Zoom recording so you have it to reference and share with your team.