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Total Hip Replacements Never Looked So Good.

As it turns out...Hip replacements 

are no longer reserved for the 40 + crowd.


Welcome to my Bionic Life.

Finding out you need a total hip replacement is a bummer...

But finding out I needed two total hip replacements was downright shocking.

No one could tell me what was going on during the 5 years I spent in chronic pain, my hips deteriorating steadily.

And there was certainly not a lot to be found online for a 20-something with chronic hip pain.

So with this website, I decided to change that.


If you've recently found out you need your hip(s) replaced, if you want to know how to prepare, what to expect before, during and after your total hip replacement, or if you're curious about life after bilateral hip replacements in a young 30-something... You've come to the right place.



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